Green Impressions Will Last


The saying goes: “first impressions last”, for more reasons than you may first think. The first impression you offer is one that will last in the minds of your clients, but it may also be the first and last time you have the opportunity to offer an impression. This is something business owners have known for eons but understanding how that first impression can set a business up to have to do less in the future, is something everyone should take more seriously. Walking into a company that has a green wall or plants throughout the offices is no longer just an aesthetic statement, it’s a wellness statement.


Being seen to commit to a greener environment is the right, first impression to make. With carbon footprints and green building being as topical as they are, for all the right reasons, many companies would prefer to do business with other companies that are active in creating a better world. In fact, some may even pay a small premium to do so. Not only will they be well aware of the outward statement it makes about your company ethos, they will also be all too familiar with the health benefits that come in tow, which makes for a healthy and productive workforce. Productivity in the workplace translates into more profits that in turn will attract like-minded clients.

This brings us to the employees that would inevitably be drawn to work in a company that exudes wellness. Employees spend a large percentage of their lives in the workplace and attracting the right staff to avoid unnecessary churn, is another bottom line blessing. Some studies have even concluded that people have taken lower-paying positions in order to work in places that are more comfortable and offer a better quality life.

When the next round of interviews take place, why not split them into two rooms, one with plants and one without, then take stock of which of the rooms had the more enthusiastic and vibrant candidates.