Go Green to Keep 'em Keen


As a business owner, HR manager, or anyone responsible for ensuring the smooth operations within the proverbial four walls of any corporation, no matter the size; keeping your staff happy and healthy has to rank pretty high on the agenda. Now when we say “Go Green”, we’re not suggesting a ridiculous pay rise and bonus (although that would put a temporary smile on anyone’s dial); we’re talking about a much longer lasting, more sustainable and mutually rewarding solution. Indoor office plants, for the win!


It is a win-win solution since your business will improve its green footprint and qualify for points towards getting Green Star Accreditation through The Green Building Council (SA). But enough about that, the benefits for your staff are also incredible which indirectly and often directly, benefit the business. The physical health benefits of having plants in office spaces should be obvious by now, hence all the green footprint encouragement. They improve humidity levels and remove toxins from the air you and your staff breathe, keeping everyone healthy, alert and at work.

Psychologically though, green is a very calming colour and is thought to relieve stress. That’s why people wait to appear on television in a green room, so they can relax and remain calm. A number of studies have even intimated that people who work in a green environment experience fewer stomach aches. Perhaps if they worked in an environment that had living green things, they’d experience none! Green also represents money, as is well documented and in business, prosperity and abundance would instinctively and subconsciously make people feel secure.

So seriously, join the win-win stable and go green, naturally.