Turn Brick Walls into Green Walls


Everybody knows about them and everybody has seen them, albeit maybe only in pictures and it wouldn’t surprise us to see them become a standard feature in indoor buildings, for very good reason. The benefits of green walls are proving to be extensive and gone are the days when they made a lot of noise or caused concern about longevity. In fact, now they can be used to reduce noise levels in workspaces!

The obvious reasons for installing a green wall would be to improve the air quality in a building and for aesthetic purposes. The not so obvious reasons range anywhere from reduce your carbon footprint, regulating temperature in an office environment to reducing noise in a specific area. Installing a green wall in a school can be a wonderful way to educate learners about the benefits of indoor plants, facilitate meaningful debate on climate change and start an early mind-set focussed on keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible.


Installing a green wall, for the most part, should be done by a professional interior plantscaping company. Not only are they experts in selecting the right plants that would benefit you most around indoor air quality, they can take the aesthetics and noise levels of the building into account when placing it, maximising your return on investment.

With green building being such a hot topic which is unlikely to die down but rather just gather momentum, it makes sense to look into greening your office space as soon as possible. Turn that brick wall your staff keep hitting around creativity and productivity into a green wall.